hyperCAD-S CAD Software for CAM Programmers

hyperCAD®-S is the CAD software from the CAM specialist OPEN MIND, and is therefore fully designed to meet the requirements of CAM programmers. It is pure ‘CAD for CAM’.

The primary objective of hyperCAD®-S is to greatly accelerate CAD-oriented tasks for NC programmers. Points, curves, facessolids or polygon meshes can be easily selected. Elements can be quickly added, deleted, modified, shown or hidden. All functions are specifically tailored to the tasks of NC programmers.

hyperCAD-S CAD Software | What's New in 2019

hyperCAD®-S fully exploits the performance offered by contemporary hardware systems to create digital manufacturing data. The advanced and extremely powerful 64-bit system is the perfect solution for mastering many of the daily challenges that arise when working with meshes, faces and solids to create precise components and tools. Large volumes of imported data can be prepared for subsequent NC programming easily, quickly, safely and completely independently from the original CAD system. hyperCAD®-S is pure ‘CAD for CAM’.


The Version 2018.2 of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration also once again features many highlights and numerous new features. Practical CAD-for-CAM functions such as V-sketch reduce the amount of programming required and ensure improved milling results. Two options have also been added to the hyperCAD®-S Electrode module.

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