MAXXimum performance for roughing, finishing and drilling

Speed is more crucial than ever these days. It’s for this reason that OPEN MIND developed a high-performance solution for roughing, finishing and drilling – the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package.

The hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package comprises three separate modules for highly efficient roughing, finishing and drilling. This unique approach makes it possible to reduce machining times and achieve high standards of quality at the same time.

Trochoidal tool paths ensure extremely fast material removal. Innovative strategies for barrel cutters allow for finishing in record time. Milling tools tilted in cutting mode can open holes quickly and easily, even in materials that are difficult to machine and without the need for a predrilled hole.

HPC tool paths for maxximum roughing results

The roughing module is a comprehensive, high-performance package for creating spiral and trochoidal tool paths. Significantly increases material removal rates allow for extremely fast machining. At the same time, there is much less stress on the tools and machines. The roughing module is based on VoluMill™, a tried-and-tested best-in-class HPC technology from Celeritive Technologies.


High performance for all machining situations

Users have maximum programming freedom for 2.5D, 3D or 5-axis machining Optimal cutting conditions combined with large Z stepdowns ensure extremely efficient 2.5D machining of grooves, pockets and prismatic workpieces. During 3D machining, hyperMILL® MAXX Machining divides the component geometry into different planes. The intelligent design and sequence of these planes ensure time and path-optimised machining. A comprehensive 5-axis HPC package allows spiral-shaped and trochoidal-like paths to be mapped to curved component surfaces.

Time saved during plane machining: up to 90%

OPEN MIND developed its innovative 'tangent plane machining' strategy specifically for machining the planes of steep surfaces and bottom surfaces. The conical barrel cutters used in this strategy make it possible to achieve machining time savings of up to 90 per cent compared with conventional methods. Tangent plane machining takes full advantage of the milling tool geometry in order to achieve perfect surfaces during plane machining. Intelligent automated functions ensure optimum tool orientation and fit. In this way, even hard-to-reach areas can be machined reliably and efficiently.

Two machining modes are available for finishing with tangent machining. Individual as well as continuous component surfaces can be selected for the Z-levels and ISO machining. hyperMILL®MAXX Machining creates the tool paths fully automatically, without special contour selection. Automatic collision avoidance causes the tool to tilt upwards away from the contact point or guiding angle in collision areas. The position of the barrel cutter on the surfaces to be machined can be dynamically adjusted to make optimal use of the tool’s cutting edge. This guarantees secure, efficient machining of free-form surfaces or combination with plane surfaces at all times.


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