Postprocessors: Error-free from CAM to the NC program

Ready-to-use and reliable postprocessors as a standard application or customised for the machines and controllers of various manufacturers have always been one of OPEN MIND’s key strengths.

The hyperMILL® CAM solution calculates toolpaths independently of machine and controller. Postprocessors from OPEN MIND Technologies generate NC programs from this neutral data that are optimised to meet the customer’s requirements and are matched with the machines and controllers to be used.

Tailor-made postprocessors – fine-tuned to the machining task, machine and controller

These are specifically matched with the manufacturing tasks, the machine and type of controller. On the one hand, the intelligence of the corresponding controller (for example, control cycles, path correction, program part repetition and free work planes) can be better exploited. On the other hand, every customer receives a solution ideally customised to his manufacturing process. 

The hyperMILL® CAM solution calculates neutral paths, i.e. machine and controller independent toolpaths. The postprocessors from OPEN MIND Technologies generate customised NC programs from these which take account of the many differences in machines and controllers and the individual requirements of each customer. Postprocessors which are specifically matched with the manufacturing tasks, the machine and the type of controller are the best prerequisite for controlling processes efficiently.

Collaboration with well-known manufacturers

This enables OPEN MIND Technologies to develop a solution that optimally satisfies the requirements of the system in question. OPEN MIND produces postprocessors both for milling machines and controllers from well-known manufacturers as well as for specialised equipment.

Use the intelligence of controllers

  • 2D control cycles

  • 2D tool radius correction

  • Sub-routines

  • Program part repetitions

  • Work plane switching, i.e. indexed machining

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining

Machine-related solutions, e.g. for indexed and 5-axis simultaneous machining

  • Support for grooved rotary axes

  • Serrated rotary axes

  • Limited angle area for the rotary axes

  • Correction of linear offsets depending on the rotational angle (RTCP/TCPM)

  • Shortest rotation paths

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