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We are a team 

of passionate programmers

hyperNC Solutions was established in 2008, to serve the Canadian CAD/CAM Market.


We are the Canadian Reseller of OPEN MIND Technologies products, hyperMILL® CAD/CAM.  Our company consists of a group of passionate skilled personal who have many years of hands on experience across a variety of manufacturing industries. 

Our specialties

Always putting Customer Success first, hyperNC Solutions works very closely with our clients to keep them engaged with the newest technology available. 

The CAD/CAM system by OPEN MIND ensures efficient production processes and meets the highest requirements in a wide variety of different sectors:


➤ Modeling and Prototyping

➤ Tool and Mold Making

➤ Production Machining

➤ Automotive Industry

➤ Aerospace Industry

➤ Energy Industry

➤ Medical Sector

➤ Jewelry and Watch Industry

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