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Geometric Engine

Every CAM programmer is familiar with the standard CAD tasks of selecting, adding, deleting, modifying, showing and hiding faces, curves and points. This innovative basic version of hyperMILL® CAD provides CAM programmers with extensive and powerful functions to help them solve standard CAD tasks quickly and easily.

Points, Curves & Faces 



Simplified use:

Powerful navigation and selection functions provide support for working with large data records and many different CAD elements.

Fast processes and workflows:


Numerous functions speed up the repair of external CAD data. Geometry areas can be easily changed.

Visualization of changes:


Fast geometry comparison immediately shows exactly where new versions of customer components have changed.

How it works

Organizing elements

Various selection options:

For curves: chain selection ‘from ... to’, minimal angle, tangential chain, stop at cross

For faces: tangential, limited, coaxial, coplanar, fillets, chamfer

Per window, lasso, chain, circular or arc-shaped, for all or for only visible elements

According to properties, such as color and layer, and according to tags such as geometry dimensions, import data and import systems


Face selection: coaxial


Face selection: coplanar


Face selection: Fillets


Face selection: tangential

Multiple workplanes

It is possible to define multiple workplanes. Saved workplanes make it easy to perform transformations. The planes can also be imported to other files at any time.


Standard preparation for milling

It is easy to create frequently required building, extension, machining and stop faces in a structured manner. This is also the case with boundary and guide curves as well as further construction aids, planes and axis systems.

Breakthroughs and holes on planar and non-planar faces can be easily closed with hyperMILL® CAD


Practical analysis functions

The analysis functions allow draft areas and highly complex geometries to be located quickly and reliably.

This enables you to assess the quality of an existing component immediately, and recognize problems quickly.

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