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CAD for CAM 

The CAM experts at OPEN MIND are very familiar with these everyday challenges which is why they developed their own CAD program (formerly hyperCAD-S) in hyperMILL.

Designed to greatly accelerate CAD-oriented tasks for NC programmers:

Points, curves, faces, solids or polygon meshes can be easily selected

Elements can be quickly added, deleted, modified, shown or hidden.

All functions are specifically tailored to the tasks of NC programmers.

The number one CAD solution for CAM users 

What makes it powerful?

Computer Picture - hyperCAD.png

Innovative from

the core

Conventional CAD systems only understand the basics like ‘Face’ and ‘Line’, but not subtypes. hyperMILL® CAD contains different entity types for lines and faces, such as cylindrical, level, free-form & rotary. The advantage: In NC programming, all drill holes can be combined elegantly and processed effectively with specific diameters. 




Handles large data volumes with top-notch performance thanks to a 64-bit operating system, multi-threading and a multiple document interface. The new database offers intelligent entity management. Tool paths, polygon networks, point clouds, rectangles – workflows are greatly accelerated by shifting the most common CAM-related entities to the CAD core.




Intuitively designed and touch screen friendly for easy learning.  Important for CAM users: hyperMILL® CAD supports any number of freely definable work planes, which can be saved with transformation/rotation data and can be selected as a reference. 


A comprehensive interface package 

that can can process a wide range of CAD data

Providing extensive and powerful functions to help  solve standard CAD tasks quickly and easily.

 Offering an innovative approach to direct modeling

Explore our extensive range of modules

 Allowing quick preparation

for polygon meshes

Offering  a range of options to deform geometries according to particular specifications

Electrode Manufacturing for Die-Sinking EDM

Not only providing an unmatched performance, hyperMILL® CAD 

offers 6 modules to choose from,

that caters to the varying needs of CAM users

What’s new in 2024?

what's new

OPEN MIND has always offered an innovative CAD/CAM solution whose CAD functionalities are seamlessly linked to CAM programming. This leads to enormous time savings in work­piece preparation.

This alone makes it clear that CAM without CAD is no longer an option today. From version 2024, hyperMILL now combines CAD and CAM under one name (instead of hyperCAD-S), thus consolidating “CAD for CAM” for the future. The familiar CAD functionalities remain the same, only their names change.

By separating topics into the new sections – CAD, CAM, and Technology – we hope to provide an even better overview of our variety of products.

2024 BRO.PNG

Got more questions about hyperMILL® CAD ? 

hyperMILL®. Version 2024 Brochure

Turret support for lathes

We have taken a big step forward with hyperMILL 2024 and further enhanced our turning functionalities. The turret technology* we have implemented now allows you to program lathes with a turret and a main spindle. Thanks to hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining, the machine and all tools are mapped in detail and used for NC code simulation. The turret is equipped conveniently with turret holders and tools in the machining planner of the virtual machine

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