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Designed to greatly accelerate CAD-oriented tasks for NC programmers:

Points, curves, faces, solids or polygon meshes can be easily selected

Elements can be quickly added, deleted, modified, shown or hidden.

All functions are specifically tailored to the tasks of NC programmers.

The number one CAD solution for CAM users 

What makes it powerful?

Innovative from

the core





Explore our extensive range of modules

Not only providing an unmatched performance, hyperCAD®-S 

offers 6 modules to choose from,

that caters to the varying needs of CAM users

What’s new in 2021.1?


There are several highlights, particularly in the area of mold making. The efficiency and machining quality of 3D Profile Finishing and 3D Z-level Shape Finishing have been further improved. One of the top highlights is the new 5-axis Radial Machining strategy that enables high-quality production of bottle shapes, for example.

The new hyperMILL® SIMULATION Center provides improved machine simulation for turning and milling operations. Another highlight is 3-axis Simultaneous High Performance Turning.


Got more questions about hyperCAD®-S?

hyperMILL®. Version 2021.1. Brochure


Version 2021.1 provides a new, more powerful machine simulation for turning and milling operations: hyperMILL® SIMULATION Center. This means faster simulation, independent collision checking, and extensive analysis functions in an intuitive operating environment.

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