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Additive Manufacturing

Perfect control of both additive and subtractive processes

Additive manufacturing opens up new opportunities for manufacturing. Using an innovative CAD/CAM solution is essential in order to take full advantage of this potential – and that’s where hyperMILL® comes in. Our innovative strategies let you perfectly, efficiently control processes in this manufacturing environment.

Additive manufacturing methods


 Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) involves generating components on a powder bed through imprinting in layers. We are the ideal solution provider for this; our CAD/CAM software optimally integrates into the process chain of post-process printed parts.


Directed Energy Deposition (DED), during which the material is fed in as a powder or wire and melted onto the component using source of heat. hyperMILL® ADDITIVE Manufacturing actively controls the material application and thereby ensures optimal results.

The best of both worlds

Hybrid machining represents a special field of additive manufacturing. Many manufacturers are already integrating a laser machining head into their CNC machines. This combination of additive and subtractive processes is giving rise to entirely new areas of application. hyperMILL® incorporates strategies and reliable simulation of material application and removal – it’s the perfect solution for fully leveraging the potential of hybrid manufacturing.


Additive process


Subtractive process




hyperMILL® ADDITIVE Manufacturing: Aerospace Nozzle | BeAM

This video shows the additive process of an aerospace nozzle made on a BeAM Magic 800 machine. It was programmed using hyperMILL® ADDITIVE Manufacturing which is a flexible CAM solution for 2D, 3D and 5-axis additive machining.

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