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Efficient solution for simple and complex components

Numerous strategies for roughing and finishing ensure efficient 3D machining. The toolpaths are always calculated with the aim of optimizing manufacturing times. An example of this is the avoidance of unnecessary rapid movements and redundant movements.

The high-performance cutting (HPC) functions in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining help to further improve performance, particularly during roughing. The functions for high-speed cutting (HSC) also satisfy the highest demands for precision, surface quality, tool life and machine dynamics

Strategies for

3D milling

➤ Arbitrary Stock Roughing

➤ Profile Finishing

➤ Z-Level Shape Finishing

➤ ISO Machining

➤ 3D-Optimized Roughing

➤ Z-Level Finishing

➤ Free Path Milling

➤ Plane Machining

➤ Plunge Roughing

➤ Equidistant Finishing

➤ Form Pocketing

➤ Pencil Milling

➤ Automatic Rest Machining

➤ Rework Machining

➤ Curve Flow Machining

➤ Rib and Groove Machining

➤ Probing

➤ Complete Finishing

Module features



High-Speed Cutting (HSC)

Rib Machining

3D-optimized Rest Material Roughing

5-axis multi-axis indexing

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