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Wire Spark

Erosion (EDM)

The proven solution for wire EDM

OPTICAM CAM software is used to operate wire electrical discharge machines efficiently and safely. OPTICAM has extensive functions and uses the technology databases from all major manufacturers and up-to-date postprocessors to solve any problem that may be encountered in wire EDM area.

OPEN MIND now provides the fully integrated OPTICAM wire EDM solution in hyperCAD®-S. As a modern ‘CAD for CAM’ environment, the hyperCAD®-S CAD system speeds up programming work. It is possible to create milling, mill/turning and wire EDM programs on a single model. All the user needs to do is switch between the OPTICAM wire-cutting module and hyperMILL® CAM software.



➤ Wire cutting

CAD Integration: OPTICAM in hyperCAD®-S

Strategies for efficient and reliable wire EDM

➤ Supervised and unsupervised day and night operation

➤ Punch strategies

➤ Reverse cutting

➤ Automatic cutting off of slugs

➤ User-defined strategies can be saved as templates

OPTICAM Benefits

➤ Simple and fast programming of wire electrical discharge machines

➤ Integrated in a powerful CAD system that allows 3D data to be easily prepared

➤ Extensive strategies for wire electrical discharge machines with two to four axes

➤ User-defined strategies can be saved as templates

Automatic feature generation

➤ Use of feature information

Features of wire EDM

Feature recognition


Technology databases


Optimal strategies

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