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CAM Viewer

For Manufacturing: Display, Analyze and Document CAD/CAM Data

hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer gives employees working in the production environment quicker access to the finished CAM data. It’s for this reason that OPEN MIND developed the hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer. Data that is relevant to manufacturing is visualized and simulated directly next to the machine. Every manufacturing operation can be checked in detail on the monitor before the lead-in. This also leads to an increase in process reliability as virtual process analysis using hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer allows experienced machine operators to identify possible errors before manufacturing starts.

hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer does not only work with data from hyperMILL® CAM software. CAD data can also be viewed just as easily and quickly.

hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer features

Simulating manufacturing processes

Using the “Surface precision mode,” toolpath calculation is performed directly on the surfaces of the CAD model. The machining tolerance can be controlled down to the µm range to ensure precise machining. Distribution of the NC points is optimally adapted to the machining tolerance, resulting in a homogeneous milling pattern.


Flawless transitions

To ensure efficient milling, components are often divided into different machining areas and machined with different tools and infeeds. The “Smooth overlap” function improves the surface quality of transitional areas, making transitions so smooth that they are hard to measure and almost invisible to the naked eye.


Precision-milled component edges

In order to protect sharp component edges or to process surfaces in their entirety, component surfaces need to be extended. The „Automatic face extension“ function takes care of this automatically, without the need for manual modifications of the CAD model beforehand. This is accomplished by extending the circumference of the selected milling surfaces and then generating the toolpaths accordingly.


Efficient high-quality milling

A high surface quality can also be achieved by configuring greater distances between paths. This is demonstrated by the innovative barrel cutters, which feature a very large cutting radius. hyperMILL® MAXX Machining offers special strategies for surface machining to ensure that these tools are used safely and efficiently. The tool tilt and tool guidance is created fully automatically, and collisions are reliably prevented. As a result, machining times can be reduced significantly while maintaining outstanding surface quality.

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