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CAD Integrations for hyperMILL®CAM Software

hyperMILL® is always used in combination with a powerful CAD system. Depending upon customer requirements, this could be hyperCAD®-S, SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk® Inventor®. The CAD integrations from OPEN MIND allow CNC programs to be created directly in the CAD software.

CAD Intergrations


What are the advantages of CAM software when it is integrated in a CAD system? CAM programmers can work in a familiar software environment. Continuous workflows help to avoid errors. At the same time, training costs are reduced as users do not have to find their way around a completely new user interface. The period of training is significantly reduced and NC programmers can work faster and more productively. In general, the workload of the CAM user is reduced as NC machining requires no complex import, export or translation of model files. As a result, there is less data to manage.


The full associativity with the CAD model is guaranteed at all times. This means that changes made to the CAD data result in the loss-free, automatic update of the CAD commands and a direct recalculation of the toolpaths. Joint access to an identical database simplifies and speeds up the processes in the CAD/CAM software. Working with the CAD/CAM system is more efficient.

Integrated CAM software for SOLIDWORKS, hyperCAD®-S and Autodesk® Inventor®

OPEN MIND provides integrated CAM solutions for leading CAD solutions such as SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk® Inventor® so that NC programmers can work in a familiar environment. hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS and hyperMILL® for Autodesk® Inventor® both deliver outstanding performance and allow all users to achieve high-quality results with the respective CAD integration. Full integration, simple operation and fast software processes make manufacturing more efficient.

The CAD-integrated hyperMILL® CAM software allows construction data to be processed simply and without any problems by the NC programmer. The 64-bit multi-core technology used in the CAM solutions from OPEN MIND helps ensure that toolpaths for the most complex machining operations can be implemented in the shortest possible time. Powerful NC programs help companies to achieve their goal faster, streamlining the production of precision parts. This is a key success factor for the entire manufacturing process.

OPEN MIND offers yet another CAD integration: hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S. Commercially available CAD systems are usually designed specifically for the main user group of designers or engineers. CAM programmers work very differently with CAD software and need other functions that allow them to prepare CAD models in the best possible way for efficient NC programming. With hyperCAD®-S software, OPEN MIND has designed and developed its own CAD software right from scratch. It is perfectly designed to fulfil the special requirements placed on CAD software by CAM programmers.

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