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Automatic CAM Programming

Similar geometries such as part families and variants, recurring shape elements, features such as holes or pockets and processes that are applied again and again provide good starting points for automated CAM programming. Automation solutions help to save time as programming is much faster. The number of errors is also reduced.

With CAM automation, standards are easier to maintain and are also easier to adapt to current developments. Once tried-and-tested strategies are established as best practices, automation techniques can be used to simplify repetitive programming steps. This can help a customer when an experienced programmer leaves a company or to help newer employees adapt to company procedures while learning new software.

Fully and partly automated CAM programming

hyperMILL® automation techniques do not require knowledge of specialty programming languages. hyperMILL® facilitates the full and partial automation transfer of tasks from people to software. The clever utilization of existing manufacturing expertise is part of the automation solution provided by OPEN MIND.

Processes that run automatically in the background can greatly simplify even complex programming tasks. CAM programmers benefit directly from simple, convenient and time-saving workflows.


OPEN MIND has been able to decrease the amount of programming work required by up to 90 percent in many automation projects implemented successfully worldwide. The company’s very easy-to-operate programming wizards play an important role.


Customized Process Feature

Macro Technology:

Drilling plate

Did you know that the feature and macro technology of hyperMILL® enables you to program in record time?

In this video, all holes are recognized and programmed with just a few clicks.

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