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MAXXimum Drilling

The drilling module is simply ingenious, because 5-axis helical drilling becomes as simple as helical tilt milling. The milling cutter is tilted forward in the direction of motion, and a second inclination helps to avoid collisions with the bore wall.

This strategy is excellent for making an opening cut when roughing deep cavities. Moreover, no predrilling is required. Removal of material from circular pockets is particularly effective while putting very little strain on the milling cutter. With thanks to this 5-axis simultaneous machining strategy, another benefit is the ability to use non-centre cutting milling tools.


➤ Fast and efficient plunging, especially for tough workpieces

➤ Excellent for opening deep cavities using large milling heads

➤ No predrilling necessary

➤ Gentle on tools

➤ Safe removal of shavings, even in deep drill holes

➤ Simple programming

➤ Also suitable for milling tools that are not center cutting

hyperMILL® MAXX Machining on a GROB G550 and Mikron XSM 600U LP machine.

➤ The task: To remove as much material as possible from a circular pocket in an efficient and tool-friendly manner.
➤ The solution: 5-axis helical drilling.

Module features

Lead angle

In contrast to conventional 3D machining, a lead angle allows for use of milling tools that are not centre cutting.


Automatic pitch adjustment

In the event of a collision, this function auto­matically adjusts the pitch until collision-free machining is ensured.

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