For manufacturing: Display, analyse and document CAD/CAM data

View and simulate CAM and CAD data easily and quickly with the hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer from OPEN MIND

To make manufacturing processes easier and safer, the professionals working on a machine should have a lot more information at their disposal. This is the only way in which machine operators can apply their extensive manufacturing expertise in order to eliminate potential problems in advance.

Viewing data that is relevant to manufacturing on the machine

hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer gives employees working in the production environment quicker access to the finished CAM data. It’s for this reason that OPEN MIND developed the hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer. Data that is relevant to manufacturing is visualised and simulated directly next to the machine. Every manufacturing operation can be checked in detail on the monitor before the lead-in. This also leads to an increase in process reliability as virtual process analyses in the hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer allow experienced machine operators to identify possible errors early on before manufacturing starts.

A particularly practical feature is that the SHOP Viewer file can optionally include configuration data on the machine model, postprocessor, POF files and more. This ensures that the project data is easily opened on all workstations equipped with hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer without the need for any special setup.

Simulating Manufacturing Processes

The toolpath simulation, material removal simulation and internal machine simulation noticeably improve the situation for the machine operator. These simulations allow the machine operator to follow the NC programs easily and quickly. The manufacturing processes with the corresponding clamping setups can be safely simulated starting with the stock model.

Verifying Details

Display of all elements and parameters (geometry, features and toolpaths) as in the hyperMILL® CAM software: With a few clicks, the operator can measure and check the toolpaths on the machine, for example.

Improve Communication

Detailed information about hyperMILL® jobs is immediately and consistently available for all parties involved in the manufacturing process.

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