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CAM software for SOLIDWORKS

From the drawing board to computer-aided design: The CAD program for computer-aided drafting, design and documentation is a well-established standard in modern manufacturing. 3D CAD solutions from SOLIDWORKS offer powerful design functions that help users to achieve a high level of productivity. Companies from all industries benefit from faster product development, reduced production costs and improved product quality and reliability.

hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS went through a multi-step certification processand is a certified for SOLIDWORKS as a ‘Gold’ product by Dassault Systèmes. Besides this intergration,

hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS also meets the highest requirements regarding reliability and user-friendliness. 




➤ Direct integration of hyperMILL® in SOLIDWORKS, so-called one-window integration. The user no longer needs to leave SOLIDWORKS for CAM programming

➤ One database: convenient programming on parametric and associative SOLIDWORKS model data

➤ Trusted user interface with familiar look and feel. Easy to learn with fast access to CAD functionality

➤ Working in single part mode and assembly mode is possible Powerful

CAM strategies for every requirement

➤ The world’s leading 5-axis technology Certified Gold partner since 2006



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